Virtual Museum

Come join us for a peek around the museum and grounds. For those people who haven't had a chance to come visit, we hope this will inspire you to stop by. For those who aren't able to visit due to distance, health or other circumstances, we hope this gives you a way to see what's happening.

The museum needs a lot of love.  We hope through grants and support from the community at large, we will be able to preserve this beautiful building and protect the precious artifacts in it.

A special thanks to Lisa Hendrixson and Helming Brothers for taking the pictures.

Work To Be Done!

If you took a peek at our virtual museum tour, you can see all the potential of this beautiful building.  We see the potential.  As caretakers of this treasure, we have accepted the monumental task of trying to bring this building to its former glory.  Moreover, we are trying to get as much as we can done before the Martin County Bicentennial in 2020.  Frankly, it's overwhelming!  When we get estimates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, we look at each other and wonder....can we do it? Is it worth it? We believe it is.  We are committed.  Grant by grant, donation by donation and sore muscle by sore muscle, we are doing it.  But, we can't do it alone.  We need help. 

Scroll through the pictures and you will see there are a LOT of opportunities to help.  What do we need?  Most anything, really.  Money, of course. Items like ceiling tiles, paint, bookcases, office supplies, heaters, printer, paper, computers, display cases...most anything, we can use.  We are hoping to organize some "work days" to haul away some stuff, move some artifacts, maybe do some painting.   We need willing and able bodies to help us. Grant writers, we need you.  We have some new members and officers who are helping us write grants, but we can use more.  Businesses, are you looking to donate something to someone?  Chances are, we can use it.  It will take the county and beyond to help us fulfill our mission.  We believe, with your help, we can do it. 


Handicapped Accessible Door - We received a $4,650 grant to install a handicapped accessible door in the back entrance (where the ramp is).  This will be a huge help to people who have trouble navigating the stairs!

Brickwork- We have received a $12,000 MCCF grant to fix the brickwork this Spring!  One thing checked off our list!

Dehumidifiers- We received a $750 REMC grant to purchase dehumidifiers. Another thing off the list.

Interior Painting- We received a $5,000 US Gypsum grant to start interior painting of the entry and stairs.

Bell Tower Repair- Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Indiana Historical Society and money from a membership match, we were able to repair the bell tower!  We can hardly believe it is done.  It is stunning.