MCHS News Brief

Museum Renovation

Thanks to your donations and a very generous grant from the Indiana Historical Society, the bell tower is getting a face lift.  Work on the bell tower began in mid-October. The bell tower was leaking badly, exposing the upstairs to water. Repairing the bell tower is the first step in getting the upstairs of the museum restored so it can be re-opened to the public.  

Check out the progress in our Photo Gallery or on our Facebook page (link is in the middle of this page).  The progress has been exciting to watch.  We have also discovered many old documents that were stored in the bell tower.  It has been like discovering hidden treasure!

Click the link below if you are interested in donating to help support continued restoration of our building.

Volunteer Update

The Martin County Historical Society is 100% volunteer run.  We are always busy working on one project or another. Currently, members of the Martin County Historical Society and the Martin County Genealogical Society are working together to digitize family scrapbooks.  Each Saturday a group of volunteers gets together to scan documents and enjoy each other's company.

We will be having volunteer training sessions.  These sessions will allow you to learn about the different ways to help and connect you with other volunteers.  Stay tuned for more information!

We have plenty of jobs for everyone!  Whether you want to volunteer an hour a month or ten hours a week, there is a job with your name on it! Click the link below to find out more about volunteering.

Membership Update

A generous donor has agreed to give MCHS $20,000 for every 200 new members who commit to a five year membership, up to $100,000. Members can sign up a year at a time, 5 years at a time or for a lifetime. We are currently working on our third group of 200 members.  We are less than 100 away!!

Thanks so much to all our members, new and those who renew! If you are not a member, please consider joining us!  We are working on our next 200 members, which will yield us another $20,000.  Click the link below to find out more.

Membership dues are due July 1st of each year for annual members.  You can send your dues in anytime prior to July. If you have questions about your dues, please call or email us. Five year member dues are not due for five years, then you can renew annually or for another five years.  Lifetime members are paid up for life.

MCHS Is Going Digital

Martin County Historical Society is going digital!  This is an exciting step for the Historical Society. If you are interested in receiving your newsletter electronically, please let us know by sending us an email using the contact form on the Home page.  Please note, if you choose to receive the newsletter electronically, you won't receive a paper copy. 

Even if you want a paper newsletter, if you have an email address we can add to our files, please send us your email. Just make sure to let us know you would prefer to have a paper newsletter, but you would like other communications electronically.  This helps cut down on the cost of sending membership dues reminders via mail.  Thanks for your help! Click the link below then scroll down to the bottom of that page to go digital.

Museum Closed Until July

During the April member meeting, the group discussed the pros and cons of opening the museum in May.  Because interior painting and exterior bell tower works continues, the group felt that for safety reasons, it is best to keep the museum closed until work is complete. 

We are planning on having a grand re-opening ceremony in July, around the time of the Catfish Festival.  Please make plans to attend this ceremony and see all the great changes that have occurred.

Just because the museum is closed, doesn't mean work has stopped!  The volunteers are working harder than ever to get things cleaned up, spruced up and organized for a great 2018.  A huge thanks to our volunteers who have been working SO hard.

Grants Received

As you know, the Historical Sciety runs on dues, sales, grants and donations.  Our primary funding comes from grants. We have been concentrating on identifying and writing  a LOT of grants.  We are excited to see that organizations recognize our need and are willing to support the work we are doing!

April 2018 - We received a $4,650 grant from the Indiana Historical Society.  That money will be used to purchase a new, handicapped accessible door for the back  ramp entrance.  This will help those who have difficulty navigating the stairs get into the museum in a much easier, safer way.

December 2017 - We have been awarded a $5,000 grant from US Gypsum.  This will be used to help restore some of the interior of the museum. We also were awarded a $750 grant from Daviess-Martin County REMC.  This will be used to buy dehumidifiers to help protect our artifacts.

Thanks to all grantors for your generous support!

Helpful Links

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Martin County Genealogy Website

Upcoming Events

Spring 2018 Events

Tuesday, May 1

  • Member meeting at the museum, 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday, June 5

  • Member meeting at the museum, 6:00 p.m.